This is me dreaming big!

All of us have an idea of a dream job in the back of our minds.You know the one.It’s that job you think about late at night when you can’t fall asleep.  It’s that job you daydream about when you’re in the middle of doing a mundane task at work.

Do you have it in your mind now?

What would you do if you could have that job?  Anything?  Fortunately, your dream job doesn’t have to be completely out of reach.  There are many ways to make it happen.  It might take a little time, but with some dedication and a bit of determination, you could be waving “Bye Bye” to that job you hate before you know it.

Tip #1: Figure Out What You Love

For some reason, we tend to think that “work” means a nine to five grind doing something we can’t wait to run away from when Friday hits.  Work doesn’t have to be that way, and if you settle for a job that you don’t like, you’re sentencing yourself to misery for the rest of your working life.  Take a chance and ask yourself, “What do I love?”  Maybe it’s children.  Maybe it’s a hobby that you could turn into a business.  Somewhere, someone loves the same things you do, and they’ve figured out a way to make money doing it.  Dare to dream a little and imagine yourself actually doing what you love.

Tip #2: Understand The Process

Once you’ve identified what you love to do, find out what you need to do to start making money at it.  If you love to write, try submitting one of your books to an ebook publisher.  If you love to sew, start talking to some friends on Facebook and find out if they would be interested in buying your products.  If you need more education or training to get your dream job, find out where you can get trained.  If it’s something that’s in a field similar to what you’re already doing, your employer might even be willing to help cover the costs of your education.

Tip #3: Get Prepared

The final step is preparation.  If you’ve found an available job that fits into the category of your “dream job”, do what you need to do to prepare yourself to go after it.  Brush up your resume, start working on a portfolio, and create a website that showcases your awesome skills.  Anything you can do to show that you’re professional and ready to take on the challenge will demonstrate just how serious you are about the job.

You don’t have to stay in a job you hate.  There is greatness inside of you just waiting to get out.  The sooner you embrace that greatness, the sooner the rest of the world gets to see it too.

– Heather McBride, SPHR
Human Resources Consultant, Resume Writer and Oregon Career Counselor