Career Search Support Groups & Workshops

Resume Workshops

Part 1: Professional Career Counselor addresses critical resume advice; 30 minute talk highlighting the anatomy of an effective resume; and DOs and DON’Ts for resumes in today’s world

Part 2: One-on-one consultations with Doug Anders, professional Career Counselor, with over 20 years experience; True customized feedback and suggestions for creating a resume that improves chances of getting interviews.

For fifteen years, PurposeWorks and Doug Anders have assisted hundreds of individuals secure new positions and make a career transition. Doug Anders has devoted his career to helping people adapt to change and build satisfying futures. Prior to starting PurposeWorks, Doug was a Career Counselor for one of Seattle’s leading private career service firms and for the University of Oregon Career Development Center. He possesses over twenty years of career development experience assisting professionals all over the country find their dream job.

Career Coaching Support Groups

Anyone who has searched for employment knows it can be a lonely and frustrating process. Having an encouraging group of peers to share useful information with you can be a huge morale booster and can lead to faster results. THE WORKING GROUP provides that kind of support, as well as opportunities to network. It meets every other week for an hour and a half. This support group is held in Eugene, Oregon – free of charge – and does not require being an active client of PurposeWorks.

An experienced teacher of college level career and life planning courses leads participants through learning experiences that provide a solid foundation for establishing career goals, while taking practical steps to reach them. Workshop titles include:

  • Create the Career That Calls You
  • Free To Be You: Finding YOUR Way to Work With Purpose
  • Work of Art: Pursuing and Managing a Career in Creative Fields

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