REMEMBER WHO YOU WANTED TO BEI use to have a car that met an early demise at the hands of my daughter, Sarah, on the Ferry Street Bridge in Eugene, Oregon. The accident ripped the entire front end from the Ford Taurus. The concrete median on the bridge was in pretty bad shape too. Thankfully, Sarah survived without a scratch…and, so did the back bumper. As I walked away from the wreckage, I saw my favorite bumper sticker one last time. It read, “Remember Who You Wanted To Be.”

I put that sticker on my bumper as a constant reminder to me that I had dreams, dreams that I forgot about, but still wanted to realize. A lot of people told me they loved that bumper sticker. I knew it was because they could relate. When they read it, their memories flickered across their minds eyes of childhood wishes to be a fireman, a ballet dancer, an astronaut or something less romantic. For me, I always remembered the week I learned how to read. I sat in bed reading my first grade Easy Reader books and thought to myself, “I want to be a writer when I grow up!” Life had different plans for me – or so I thought.

Life takes us down many roads with flaggers cautioning us to slow down and be reasonable. Detours force us to turn right instead of left. How many times has this happened to you? It has happened to me so many times I can’t count them on two hands. That dream of writing articles and books that changed people’s lives fell to the wayside – while I raised children and went to college to get a job in a field that would guarantee I could pay my bills.  These were definitely important and created value in my life, but wasn’t my dream of becoming a writer important too?

We can find our way back to our self and remember. Remembering what we wanted to be doesn’t mean we will drop everything right now – like quitting a good paying job without an action plan – or that what is “now” doesn’t have importance. Remembering doesn’t mean that we have the same dreams anymore either. Dreams definitely change. Remembering just gives us an opportunity to be conscious about our decisions, instead of letting our environment (other people or circumstances) make our decisions for us.

That bumper sticker reminded me that I wanted to be a writer and that I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. Writing this blog is being a writer! And, I feel like joining PurposeWorks is giving me the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. (I think I’m going to get that sticker and slap it on my bumper again. I really miss it.)

What are your dreams and desires? How about taking a moment to remember and write your dreams down?

– Heather McBride, SPHR
Career Counselor and Resume Writer