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When your organization and employees are confronted with a reduction-in-force, PurposeWorks can provide your displaced staff with a full range of outplacement services. With expert career counseling and assessment, professionally written resumes, and job search coaching…we can make a world of difference.

Portland Outplacement Services


“At first I had a few doubts about how employable I would be in a new organization after 18 years with the same employer. I found skills that I had taken for granted and learned how to communicate their value to many different employers…Your well rounded services took me all the way from step one where I didn’t know where I wanted to go… all the way through a successful job offer and salary negotiation.”
Confidential, C.E.O. for a regional employees' credit union
“Doug was able to pull all of the necessary information out of me through a series of interviews and questionnaires and helped me with my Cover Letter, Resume, Supplemental Questions, and Interviewing. Because Doug is such a great coach, and offers a wealth of experience with employment services, I was able to successfully complete an extensive all day interview that involved me being questioned by 27 different people, and best of all I WAS OFFERED THE JOB!!!”
Judd Mentzer, Facilities Manager, University of Oregon
“After having my consultation, cover letter and resume done, I was confident at the interviews.”
Sheila Simmons, Administrative Support for a business in Dallas, Texas
“THANK YOU, PURPOSEWORKS!! A Shakespeare sonnet begins YOU ONLY YOU and that’s what working w/ Purposeworks is like, it’s like participating in a Shakespeare Sonnet, so that vision and voice become part of your professional life. PURPOSEWORKS helped me see my particular powers and qualities–helped me name them, dramatize skills and experiences on paper and in interviews– enjoy the moment of searching, and finding new ways to communicate in the world. You know the story. Walt Whitman sends Emerson LEAVES OF GRASS, and Emerson writes back: I greet you at the beginning of a great career. Purposeworks IS my Shakespeare AND Emerson, encouraging my every fledging hope and professional desire. PURPOSEWORKS lends poetry and passion to your search and also helps you find your way on solid ground with its expertise and common sense: how to write the perfect resume, how to write the perfect cover letter, how to connect to the new boss, how to resign from the current job, how to respond on the phone to potential employers, how to get positive recommendations from former employers and how to you use social media like LinkedIn and Facebook.”
Kate Gill, PhD, ESL Educator in Cambridge, MA Public Schools
“…I have successfuly shifted from the field of marketing and sales into the area of Human Resources. I am pleased with this transition and I am certain that this accomplishment was cultivated in part thanks to the capable and effective training I received at PurposeWorks.”
Confidential, Human Resources Manager, Oregon
“Doug Anders receives my hearty recommendation as a career counselor. He did excellent work with me during the time I was reassessing my career and my life. He helped me find myself and then find the career that really works for me. He took the time to understand me and help me to understand myself better. His knowledge, patience and guidance will help me for years to come. I am on a career path now thanks to Doug that is successful and makes me happy each day, I can not thank him enough for his work with me and I highly recommend Doug to anyone wishing to change their career and the life for the better.”
Micheal T. Roberts, Project Manager & Owner’s Representative
“PurposeWorks was a sound investment for me. As I interviewed several Career Coaches & Counselors, it became clear that Doug Anders was the appropriate candidate for several reasons. First, Doug’s credentials are impressive with years of training in the career counseling field. I also called a few of his references. The feedback was consistent: Professional. Knowledgeable in the field. Reliable. Secondly, PurposeWorks offered me several package options. “Simply put, if you are looking for optimum results when planning a career change, use PurposeWorks. It worked for me.”
Confidential, Manager, Eugene, OR
“You gave me helpful feedback, expert guidance, and encouraging support. I now see myself more clearly and appreciate the contributions I have made. I value myself more highly and have a clear sense of what I want, because of my experience with PurposeWorks.”
Confidential, Health & Wellness Educator, Seattle, Washington
“The work my daughter did and tools she gained with you will really help her life long in both her personal development and in her career.”
Mother of a 21 year old college student


  • A precision marketing tool resume, professionally written by PurposeWorks.
  • A set of four to six career assessment tools, custom selected for your needs.
  • All the sessions and follow-up you need (up to six months) with your Career Counselor to interpret the results, help you learn how to investigate your options, overcome self-imposed career limitations, and lay a solid foundation for your job search and/or applications to advanced education programs.
  • As many individual sessions for job search strategies and coaching as you need up to a six month period.
  • Unlimited E-mail and phone support.


  • A precision marketing tool resume, professionally written by PurposeWorks.
  • As many individual sessions for job search strategies and coaching as you need up to a six month period. (Sessions can focus on putting plans into action, managing your state of being/morale during the job search, learning employment search “how to’s”, advising on cover letters, resumes & applications, interviewing and salary negotiation strategies, practice interviews and more.)
  • Unlimited E-mail and phone support for those quick questions you might have during your search.


  • A precision marketing tool resume, professionally written by PurposeWorks.
  • Three to four sessions for job search strategies and interview coaching.

Other customized options available.

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Other ways PurposeWorks can help you

1. On-Site or Virtual Communication Consulting

Implement communication with employees during all phases of the Reduction-In-Force, reducing negative impact of layoffs.

2. Career Assessment Tests and Tools

Employees benefit from a combination of time proven, standardized tests and career assessment tools custom selected or designed to address the needs of each individual, and the professional expertise to convey this information so it is immediately useful to bring career goals and next steps into focus. (More about Career Assessment)

3. Employment Search and Career Counseling

Experienced job search coach assists your employees with proven strategies to market themselves, build their confidence, interview successfully and generate offers for jobs they really want. (More about Career Counseling)

4. Resume Writing Services

Create resumes and cover letters that stand out from the crowd and clearly articulate what candidates uniquely have to offer prospective employers, generating far more interviews. (More about our Professional Resume Writing Services)

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