HOLIDAY SPECIALS (Valid during the month of December)



An ideal gift for the student in your family facing graduation or loved one who has had difficulty finding direction. It can save tens of thousands of dollars in education or training programs and will benefit them for many years to come. It will give them a clear sense of direction before and after college graduation. High School sophomores, juniors and seniors can benefit greatly from CareerScope…getting a head start on post graduation career and educational plans!

With CareerScope your loved one can:

  1. Know what kind of majors, training programs, and career paths will lead to their fulfillment.
  2. Discover more viable career options than they ever thought possible.
  3. Get clear about which fields and settings they would enjoy working in and why.

CareerScope uses:

  1. A set of three career assessment tools.
  2. Up to six sessions with a Professional Career Counselor to interpret the results, help them learn how to research their options, and plan their next steps.

“Scope it out” with CareerScope before they head down a path that’s not theirs. Special extended through January 15, 2015: $500 (a savings of $100+).



  • Has someone’s job search stalled?
  • In spite of their best efforts, do they keep facing closed doors?
  • Are you worried about them giving up?
  • Do you feel frustrated because you don’t know how to help them?

Conducting an employment search in these challenging economic times requires much more than sending out resumes or filling out applications. Sometimes, a few hours spent getting expert guidance helps open doors and can reduce the time spent looking for a job… BY MONTHS!

PurposeWorks offers job search coaching individually tailored to the strengths and needs of each client, based on proven strategies. Whether the job seeker you know needs help presenting themselves with confidence in the interview, a systematic approach to a job search leading to success, or a resume that employers just can’t ignore, Jumpstart may be just what your loved one’s job search needs.

This holiday season, we are offering Jumpstart Four personalized employment search coaching sessions for $310 (a $70 savings) or seven sessions for $510 (a $150+ cost savings) extended
through January 15, 2015.

JumpStart Packages

Upon purchase, you will be emailed a Gift Certificate suitable for printing and giving as a gift. Or, we will coordinate the gift certificate mailing with you. Great gift for grads!