GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF A JOBIn the Human Resource world, it is a well-known fact that during the holidays the number of people looking for a job decreases. Why is this? Well, it isn’t because less people need jobs.

The number one reason is the problem of scheduling…the scheduling of vacations and avoiding holiday conflicts. Vacations and time off are scheduled to go visit Grandma in Missouri or Uncle Bob in New Mexico. Let’s not forget the big family gathering at sister’s house in Connecticut? The tickets are already purchased. If Hal gets a job, he doesn’t want to tell his new employer he needs the week of Thanksgiving or Christmas off.  And, he certainly doesn’t want to lose the money he spent on the airplane tickets. All of this means, he will put his job search on temporary hold, “Until after the holidays.”

The second reason for job search declines during the holidays is the multitude of distractions offered up by the season. Kids are out on school break. Christmas and Hanukah presents need to be bought, made, wrapped and shipped…long lines at the post office. Family is visiting. Seasonal colds and flu are among us. Last, but not least, seasonal depression descends.

Why is all this important to you? Because, business must continue. Employers still hire during the holidays. But, because everyone is too busy to focus on a serious job search, there are less qualified candidates to choose from. (In fact, it happens to me every year. I post a position around Christmas for my company and I get one or two candidates.)

By investing a little time during the holidays – even if it means squeezing in some online job search during Uncle Bob’s afternoon nap – you have a better chance of being noticed, interviewed and hired by January.

– Heather McBride, SPHR
Resume Writing and Career Counselor