Five REAL Reasons To Update Your ResumeEvery single day, I hear from someone how unhappy they are in their job, how they are bored to tears or wishing for more opportunity or money. When I ask them if they are looking for a new job, more often than not they tell me they haven’t updated their resume. The idea of an un-updated resume is foreign to a resume writer, but I find it is the norm instead of the exception.

Here are 5 REAL reasons to keep your resume updated –  whether you are looking or not:

1.   Unexpected Opportunities – Networking rules! Someday you will be at lunch with a friend and he will tell you of this fantastic, lucrative opening at his company and, of course, you would be perfect for the job. The only catch is they are closing the posting tomorrow! You really want to have an updated resume to email him that evening.

2.   Cause and Effect – When you update your resume, you are creating the intention that you are ready for opportunities to come your way. If you build it, they will come…it’s not just a movie. It’s for real.

3.   Create the Possible – We can get stuck in a situation that looks impossible to get out of. Maybe we don’t think we can find a job for the same or more pay. Maybe we have allowed a boss or co-worker to beat us down and wonder if we are capable of doing another job. Updating our resume reminds us of everything we have accomplished and renews our belief in our self. When I keep my resume updated, I feel in control of my destiny.

4.   We Need Reminders – What did you want to be when you grew up? Have you settled or are you on the career path of your choosing? Updating your resume is an opportunity to evaluate your career goals and create an action plan to correct your course…if you want to.

5.   Sharpen Those Skills – When you look at your resume, are there any gaps, missing skills or certifications that would keep you refreshed and desirable in your industry? Sometimes our day to day grind takes over and we forget that we need to stay marketable.

Even if you are as happy as a clam in your job (Are clams really happy?), I think everyone should keep their resume updated. It is an act of empowerment and keeps you in charge and ready for anything. Updated resumes have paid off big time for me.

– Heather McBride, SPHR
Resume Writer, Career Counselor and Human Resources Consultant