DISAPPOINTING INTERVIEWS – MOVING ON!Midway through a job interview, you realize that the questions you’re being asked are so ridiculously specific your only logical conclusion is that they already have a hand-picked candidate – and you aren’t him or her. The interviewers are obviously going through the motions with you to meet legal requirements. It doesn’t matter to them that you’ve spent not only the past hour sweating bullets trying to answer their esoteric questions, but the better part of a day before that researching the organization and preparing for your job interview. They end the distasteful event with, “You’re a very well qualified candidate and presented yourself well. We’ll probably be in touch in the next couple of weeks or so.” They never call you or email you again. Not even a rejection letter.

So what. Now what? You have feelings and those are important to acknowledge. Those inconsiderate *#^@! They wasted my time! Yep. Have those feelings. Accept them (justified by your conclusions or not) in a healthy way, and then move on!

Moving on looks like this:

  1. Visualize – Write down what kind of career you are looking for. Be specific about the work you see yourself doing, the type of people you want to work with, the salary you want, the benefits you need and the type of boss you want to work for.
  2. Apply for jobs that match your criteria and tell everybody you know about your criteria too.
  3. Research potential companies and seek an informational interview with someone other than your prospective supervisor.
  4. Seek out resources and supportive allies who will encourage you in pursuit of your goals. Supportive is less about commiseration, but more about helping you take action and continuing to believe in yourself and your abilities.

One more thing. Take moving on one step further…try on gratitude. Those rat *$%#*#! gave you the opportunity to put a great resume and cover letter together AND practice your interviewing skills. You’ll show them!

– Doug Anders & Heather McBride
Career Counseling and Resume Writing Service