How to Change Careers

By | August 3rd, 2018|Career Change|

"In all things, patience is the key to victory. Those who cannot endure, cannot hope to win. Ultimate triumph belongs to those who can forebear.” These words of wisdom from Daisaku Ikeda, President of an international Buddhist organization, apply to many things in life, but are particularly relevant when it comes to bringing your [...]

New Year Career Resolutions

By | January 16th, 2014|Career Change, Career Counseling, Dreams, Resumes|

KEEP THESE NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS TO IMPROVE YOUR CAREER IN 2014 I can recommend more than four, but if you attend to these, you’ll be miles ahead of most people. I’ll introduce each with an important question to ask yourself: 1. “What’s working for me and what isn’t in my work life?” Many people go through [...]

Five REAL Reasons To Update Your Resume

By | April 8th, 2013|Career Change, Career Counseling, Dreams, Job Search, Outplacement Services, Resume Writing Services, Resumes|

Every single day, I hear from someone how unhappy they are in their job, how they are bored to tears or wishing for more opportunity or money. When I ask them if they are looking for a new job, more often than not they tell me they haven’t updated their resume. The idea of an [...]

Three Tips On Creating Your Dream Job

By | March 10th, 2013|Career Change, Career Counseling, Dreams, Job Search, Outplacement Services|

This is me dreaming big! All of us have an idea of a dream job in the back of our minds.You know the one.It's that job you think about late at night when you can't fall asleep.  It's that job you daydream about when you're in the middle of doing a mundane task at work. [...]

Career Assessments: A Useful Tool

By | February 19th, 2013|Career Assessment, Career Change, Career Counseling, Job Search, Resume Writing Services, Resumes|

Whether you’re a recent college graduate entering the workforce for the first time or someone who’s changing careers, either by necessity or by choice, a career assessment can provide you with invaluable insights to assist you in making decisions about your future. A Google search for “career assessments” will pull up almost 5 million results, [...]

Helping Stay At Home Parents Return to Work

By | February 7th, 2013|Career Assessment, Career Change, Career Counseling, Job Search, Oregon, Outplacement Services, Resume Writing Services, Resumes, Volunteer Experience|

Though many return-to-work parents will jump start their previous career, a Wharton School study found that only 39% take the same type of job as when they left. This benefits many employers who may find themselves in the enviable position of hiring someone with skill sets over-and-above what they have a need to fill. Smart [...]

Career Change Or Discovery

By | January 6th, 2013|Career Assessment, Career Change, Dreams, Eugene, Job Search, Oregon, Resume Writing Services, Resumes|

Our work at PurposeWorks is not just about career change or changing jobs. Sometimes, it is about discovering what you are excited about - your purpose - and discovering that where you are right now is exactly where you need and want to be. Something just needs to you. Maybe where you are right [...]

Clear Goals Create Change

By | January 1st, 2013|Career Change, Dreams, Oregon, Outplacement Services, Resumes|

Someone I know - I am not kidding - was holding off big plans for his life, just in case the world ended. I encouraged him to take action and stop procrastinating because I didn't want him to have regrets. Well, December 21, 2012 has come and gone...and it's January 1, 2013...and we survived. What [...]

Combining Your Passion and Your Career

By | November 20th, 2012|Career Change, Detours, Dreams|

I read recently that "It's a beautiful thing when career and passion come together." These words spoke deeply to me. For the first time in my life, I can honestly say I am experiencing the convergence of passion and career...and loving it! For years, I struggled with doubt that I had made a mistake pursuing [...]

The Scary Computer And Your Job Search

By | August 6th, 2012|Career Change, Detours|

NOTE: If you are reading this blog, this probably doesn’t pertain to you. But, maybe you would like to share it with someone it would benefit. It’s an occupational hazard that people initiate scary conversations with resume writers and career counselors. Scary conversations don’t bother me. In fact, I’m used to it.  Though, some conversations [...]